The 2015 World Cup season seems to have flashed by at the same pace as the riders have attacked each race. So, it was time to head back to Val di Sole for the final round, after a year away from the classic venue that always delivers a knockout performance. Rain early in the week settled the usual dust to a more grippy dirt but not before a first practice day of greasy roots and rocks to r..
After breaking his leg in 2014, Blake Samson is back where he belongs and riding!
Our Spanish friends have had a long, hot, dry summer so far and have clearly spent too much time inside watching Westerns! They've put together a classic, so time to saddle up and take your steed out for a trip down the mountain; don't forget the gun... This July Catalonia has suffered several heat waves of more than 40ºC (104ºF). The effects of drought has caused the..
The BDS race at Moelfre was a good weekend for the team, coming back to form and finding speed as the season arrives at some important races. The fast and open track is one that looks fairly simple until taken at top speed, where accuracy and line choice are key to a good time - underestimate it and it will bite back, as a few riders found out. Both Matt Simmonds and Manon Carpenter took the wi..
Lenzerheide, Switzerland, a new venue for the World Cup and a new track for the riders to tame. We were all looking forward to this one and it didn't disappoint, from the drive into the mountains to the high speed track that had a little of everything. Practice was an evolution of the new track as the World Cup riders gave it a work out, moving rocks and dust and creat..
Cyclists riding on stairs, narrow cobbled streets, through people's houses, racing cars and big jumps. Photographers, cameramen, reporters, interviews. All this was part of the Urban Downhill competition “Tarnovo Downtown” that was held on May 7-10 in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. Special guests were the urban downhill and dirt jump celebrities Filip Polc & Blake Samson. ..