Five reasons why the hardtail is still the perfect UK trail bike

June 07 2021

Five reasons why the hardtail is still the perfect UK trail bike

Five reasons why the hardtail is still the perfect UK trail bike

It’s easy to ignore the humble hardtail. In a world where you can choose from the new breed of fast everywhere downcountry bikes, to even faster everywhere E-Bikes, the last decade has seen the latest tech change the sport.

But the humble hardtail still has its place – and our latest Mantra and Zenith range is living proof of that!

But before you go and check out the bikes, here are our top five reasons why hardtails are still a great choice.

Nothing builds skills quicker

There’s no better combination for building your skills than a hardtail and flat pedals. Rather than just straight-lining every trail, you’re looking for lines, searching out the smoothest way down the hill and saving your energy.

Because you can’t lean on your suspension to do the hard work, you’ll also learn how to use your bodyweight to move the bike around, gain extra grip and find free speed by pumping through the trail.

Whether you stick to the hardtail, or go back to the full suspension bike, everyone knows that with a bit of effort a hardtail is going to make you a faster rider.

They make British mountain biking more fun

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Fort William, it’s highly likely that your local woods are going to be your playground. This is the ideal place for a hardtail.

Sure, there’s loads of fun to be had on an endure rig, smashing through every small rock and root, and coming out the other side with a grin on your face – but is that what mountain biking is all about?

What ever happened to being proud of just getting through a section without putting your foot down?

The hardtail might be a little slower, but if you’re in the UK, it’s probably the better choice for keeping your trails challenging, fun and entertaining.

Updated geometry makes them capable
Thankfully, we are now way past hardtails being the reserve of those looking for the ultimate in uphill efficiency.

Our latest LSL geometry means that the latest breed of long, slack and low hardtails are far more stable at high speed and through turns.

Paired with aggressive, wide tyres, our Mantra and Zenith are as comfortable flicking between the trees at the local woods, as they are at trail centres or even all-day epics.

You won’t get lost in suspension set-up hell
If the world’s greatest riders are getting in a state over their suspension balance, then what hope do you have?!

A hardtail takes away a big chunk of thought from mountain biking, leaving you free to get on about thinking about the important bit; riding your bike and having fun.

They’re cheap to buy and to run
Without that rear suspension, hardtails represent brilliant value for money. There are no shocks to service, no bearings to replace and no feeling of guilt when you are left with no option other than jet washing your bike.