We want to keep you riding! All of our frames and bikes are covered by our warranty policy – we're going to cover what that means.

Sent it too hard, one too many times? Please remember that we also offer a competitive crash replacement scheme. If the worst happens, please contact us for full details.

If one of our products hasn’t lived up to your expectations, please read on about the full details of our warranty support programme. 


Warranty period

What is warranty?

If you are the original owner and can provide proof of purchase, any manufacturing defects that result in a damaged or broken bike are eligible to be assessed for warranty repair or replacement.

What is not warranty? 

Warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear 
  • Improper assembly 
  • Improper follow-up maintenance 
  • Installation of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle as sold 
  • Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect 
  • Labour charges for part replacement or changeover


What is wear and tear?

Wear and tear is damage occurred through normal riding circumstances.

Bicycles have many moving parts which inevitably cause parts to wear and potentially make more noise than usual which normally means it requires maintenance.

For example, your chain and cassette are in constant contact and if improperly maintained this can cause premature wear and tear, this is not covered by manufacturers warranty.

The below listed components are examples of items subject to regular wear and tear and are excluded from warranty, unless subject to a manufacturing defect:

Brake Pads
Stripped bolts/threads
Transmission parts
Braking surfaces
Inner and outer gear/brake cables
Rubber moving parts such as seals etc


Warranty durations

Saracen frames


Zenith/Mantra/CR2/CR3/AL Team/ALX
Five years for the original owner. 

Ariel 30/60/JNR/Ariel-E
Three years for the original owner.

Myst/Myst AL/Ariel 80
Two years for the original owner.

Paint and Decals
One year for the original owner. Please note this excludes scratches and damage caused by normal wear and tear.

Linkages and assembly parts
One year for the original owner.


Saracen branded components 

Saracen branded components such as a handlebar or stem carry a two-year warranty period for the original owner.

Third party components

Please follow the warranty terms, conditions and procedure provided by the manufacturer.

Frames and forks are covered as above. For any electrical componentry (battery, motor etc) claims, please contact the manufacturer of the system.

Other components
Please follow the warranty terms, conditions and procedure provided by the manufacturer.  

If you need assistance in finding out who to contact for these cases, please contact us and we will guide you as much as we can.


Warranty process

What is the warranty process?

UK customers: Please contact us in the first instance and provide the following information:

Proof of purchase
One or more photos of the complete bike
One or more photos of the issue
One or more photos of the serial number (confirm serial numbers place on bikes)

EU customers: Please contact your original place of purchase. If your original place of purchase is no longer available to contact, please contact your nearest official stockist to help start your warranty claim.

How long will it take for my claim to be processed? 

We always aim to get our customers back on their bike as soon as possible. The time taken to process a warranty claim varies on a case by case basis and we can advise on this when your claim is in progress.

What happens when I hand my warranty item over to Saracen or my Saracen stockist?

UK customers: Once you have been advised about your warranty claim from Saracen, a case will be opened and options of where a repair can be actioned will be given.

EU customers: Once you have been advised about your warranty claim by your Saracen stockist, they will open a case with our distributor, Sportline. This case will be assigned a unique number, at which point the item(s) will be packaged by the Saracen stockist and returned to Sportline’s warranty department for assessment.

Who should be my point of contact if I have any questions about my warranty case?

UK customers: Your point of contact is Saracen and if applicable, the Shimano Service Centre allocated to your case.

EU customers: Your point of contact is the Saracen stockist which handled your return to Sportline.

Will my part be replaced or repaired?

Any individual item returned and approved as a warranty claim will be either repaired or replaced at Saracen’s discretion.

What if my warranty item no longer exists?

If your item is no longer manufactured, then we reserve the right to replace your warranty claim with a similar product, of a similar value.

I’m an EU customer. Who covers the cost of postage/building/rebuilding my bike?

In the event of an approved warranty claim, it is the original dealer’s responsibility to cover the costs incurred.

If your warranty case is dealt with by a dealer other than the original place of purchase then the customer must cover the costs incurred.

If your warranty claim is unsuccessful, then the customer is liable for any labour charges incurred.

I’m an EU customer. Can I make a warranty claim directly with Saracen Bikes?

Our EU stockists are the official channel through which to make a warranty claim.

Is my bike still covered if I am not the original owner?

Unfortunately not – only the original owner receives warranty service.

I’ve lost my original receipt – can I still claim? 

If you have bought directly from Saracen we may hold records of your original purchase.

If you are based in the EU and have bought through an official stockist, although more challenging, it may be possible to claim. For example, if the shop you purchased from holds a record of the purchase and can reproduce your proof of purchase.

I would like to bring my bike, in person, to Saracen for servicing/warranty, can I do this?

We are unable to offer in person servicing or warranty assistance. If your Saracen requires servicing please contact your nearest Shimano Service Centre. Please contact us directly to begin your warranty claim.


Saracen bikes purchased before January 2021

I bought my Saracen from a dealer before 1 January 2021, is my original warranty still valid?

Yes, your warranty is still valid. Please process your warranty claim through the dealer the bike was purchased from.

Who pays for the shipping of my Saracen? 

The dealer you purchased the bike from should cover any shipping cost, in the event you are using a different dealer it will be your reasonability to cover such cost.