Save up to 39% off a new Saracen with Cyclescheme

Here at Saracen we’ve teamed up with Cyclescheme, giving you the chance to save 25-39% off your new bike – and best of all you pay nothing up front!

Cyclescheme is a government approved employee benefit. Payments are taken tax efficiently from your gross salary by your employer.

Cyclescheme is available to UK employees receiving a PAYE salary from a participating employer. You can check if you and your employer is a part of Cyclescheme here.

You can calculate your saving with Cyclescheme here


  1. Calculate the value of the Certificate you need for your bike and accessories, excluding the £50 bike delivery charge.
  2. When you receive your Certificate, build your basket at and include all items and accessories.
  3. Select Pay with Cyclescheme at the checkout
  4. Enter your certificate number and redemption code
  5. Continue through the checkout process, making payment for the £50 bike delivery charge using your preferred payment method.

When you redeem your Certificate on, all of the usual lead times for building and delivering your new Saracen apply. You can find our complete delivery details here.

You can find our complete returns policy here



What is Cyclescheme?
Cyclescheme is a way to pay for your new bike via a monthly salary sacrifice. The payments are taken directly from your gross salary, which means you don’t pay tax, national insurance or interest fees.

How does the scheme work?
Purchasing through Cyclescheme allows you to save between 25% and 39%, offering a tax efficient way to buy your next bike. Once you’ve checked your employer is signed up to Cyclescheme, you can go ahead and ask us for a quote or place an order if you’ve already got a Certificate.

How much can I spend?
Most employers choose not to limit
 the order value with Cyclescheme. This means you can browse our entire range of bikes, including E-bikes, and pair with complementary accessories. Please check whether your employer has set a limit before applying for your eCertificate.

Is shipping included?
Shipping is not included in your eCertificate. After submitting your eCertificate claim for your bike and accessories, you will be taken to the checkout where you will need to pay £50 per bike for shipping. 

Can I add my own funds to the transaction?
You cannot add your own funds to the transaction. This is determined by guidance from the Department for Transport who have clarified that the entire order value must be included on your Certificate and adding funds is not possible.

How long does it take for my Certificate to be approved?
Once you have applied for your Certificate, the process typically takes between 3-14 days, depending on how quickly your employer processes your application. If you have an application in place, you can check the status via your Cyclescheme login.

How often can I apply for a Cyclescheme Certificate?
The standard period for a Cyclescheme Certificate is 12 months. Some employers do offer 6 and 18-month schemes. You will ultimately need to check with your employer.

What can I get from Cyclescheme?
You can get whatever you need to keep you in the saddle and cycle commuting regularly. This includes any type of bike, E-bike or cycle with at least two wheels.

Cyclescheme offers three types of packages:

1 Bike only 
2 Bike and accessories (the most common choice) 
3 Just accessories

For more information, please visit the Cyclescheme website.