Singletrack reviews the Ariel 30

March 01 2021

Singletrack reviews the Ariel 30

Singletrack reviews the Ariel 30

Our Ariel 30 has been subjected to snow, bogs and even dry trails over the last three months and has been given “a right good pasting” by Chipps up in Todmorden.

Did our double-downcountry bike do the business when the trail turned steep? You bet it did!


“Turning to descents, the Ariel 30 is an absolute blast. Given that it ‘only’ has 130mm of travel and is intended as an all-round trail bike, it’s a beast down hills. It’ll take on any rock gardens and the rear end is a brilliantly supple unit that still manages to be rigid side-to-side.”


And what about reliability on this £2199.99 trail bike?


“This Saracen Ariel 30 has had a hard, no-mercy few months of winter riding. If it was minus 4C, it came out. If it was axle deep bog, it came out. If it was drifting snow, it still came out.

“The only apparent ‘damage’ from three months of this has been a chain that needs a good scrub and some forks that probably need a proper set up. Not a single puncture or mechanical and a bike that is still a reliable grab if I was heading out the door.

“For the money, I think it’s brilliant. If you wanted, you could up-sell yourself to the Ariel 30 Pro at £2999 but there’s nothing actually ‘wrong’ with the base Ariel 30.

“If I didn’t get sent fancy bikes to test all the time, it’s the kind of bike I can see myself buying and really enjoying.”


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