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Ryder Innovation Slyder Dual Slug Plug and 25g Co2 Storage System




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Ryder Innovation Slyder Dual Slug Plug and 25g Co2 Storage System


      The Dual Slug Plug offers quick and efficient tubeless tyre puncture repair, when the hole is too great for sealant to offer an instant fix.

      Preload the twin needles with two sizes of slug, ready to be deployed at a moments notice.

      The Slug fuses to the inside of your tyre without glue or adhesives, allowing you to complete your ride.

      More than just a simple puncture repair tool, the Dual Slug Plug also has a Presta Core removal tool integrated into the handle.

      Comes complete with 5 thick and 5 thin slugs, in their own sealed container, allowing you to reload and carry spares.

      The Slyder storage system keeps your CO2 inflation to hand, securely and conveniently storing your 25g CO2 cartridges and Slug Plug under your bottle cage.

      It carries a 25g C02 cartridge with an inflation adapter fitted and a preloaded Slug Plug for quick access when you get a puncture. The sleeve prevents hands from freeze burn. CO2 Cartridges not included.
    • Weight: 0.0 kg
  • Factory team developed

    What started as an experiment, went on to win the world cup overall and is now available to buy.