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Vittoria Air-Liner Tyre Insert

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Size | 2.25-2.5 INCHES


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Vittoria Air-Liner Tyre Insert



2.25-2.5 INCHES

      The Vittoria Air-Liner is a high-quality polymer insert designed for tubeless tyres and up to 29-inch wheels.

      The insert replaces a portion of the air volume in the tyre to provide a tunable system that enhances your ride performances.

      The Air-Liner destroys the traditional compromise of stability versus grip and allows your tyres to remain stable, grippy and controlled, even at low pressures.

      Upon impact, the corner edges of the channel flex first, and progressively build to the thicker portion, as the tyre is compressed. This allows the tread to remain flexible, which increases traction, without sacrificing impact resistance.

      The round cross-section shape mimics the natural shape of the tyre and supports a greater contact area within the sidewalls of the tyre casing. Side-to-side tyre stability is increased, yet the tread remains soft and grippy.

      This improves cornering, climbing, and braking performance.
    • Variant: 2.25-2.5 inches
    • Weight: 0.0 kg
  • Factory team developed

    What started as an experiment, went on to win the world cup overall and is now available to buy.